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Locations of Interest

Ministry of Health

Follow this page link to see a map of locations where COVID-19 has recently been noted in, and what to do if  you were at the location at the time.

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How to Manage Covid19 at Home

Care in the Community Planner

Click the image above to get information on how Covid cases will be handled in the community.  Click the document button for your household readiness checklist

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The facts on 'airborne transmission'

'The Conversation'

This is a short report from studies made into the science of virus transmission.  By understanding how the virus can be transmitted, you can manage the risks.


Vaccination & Christianity: Q & A


Immunologist and Clinical Microbiologist James Ussher, and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy Gareth Jones, answer questions from a faith perspective.

Covid 19 NZ Data.png

Latest Numbers and Data Resources

Ministry of Health

This is where you go to get real-time, NZ data and resources on Covid 19.  This includes latest testing, vaccination, and Covid 19 case numbers.

Symptoms & When to Call.png

Monitor Your Symptoms

Advice on when to call for help

This document provides a simple chart for knowing when to isolate, as well as symptoms to manage.  If your symptoms deteriorate, don't wait: call for help.

Protection Framework.png

Pandemic Traffic Light System

NZ Government

This is the summary of information on the Government's 'traffic light' plan for Covid19 management in NZ, that came into effect on December 3, 2021.

Family First - Info.png

Vaccination: an informed choice

Family First NZ

This link will take you to Family First's helpful site on views and research on vaccination from a range of experts locally and internationally.


The Latest on Vaccine Reactions

Medsafe NZ

This page is regularly updated by NZ's Safety Authority for medicines.  Of the millions vaccinated in NZ, these reports are the actual numbers of adverse effects.

ESR Covid19 Dashboard for NZ.  Detailed statistical information.

Walk-in and drive-through vaccination centres.

How to get your Vaccination Pass via internet or phone.

Covid 19 Public Health Response Order: Latest Version 

The 3 phases of infection management in the community

'The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
for the ears of the wise seek it out.'


If there's a specific question or area of concern you would like more information on, please send us a message.

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